Chirag Aswani

I'm a Passionate Engineer, Table Tennis Player, Product Innovator



I'm Chirag Aswani
Software Engineer with UX Principles

I'm a 22 year old software engineer specializing in product development. I enjoy building full stack applications that provide a business value. You can view my resume here.

Currently, I work for Palo Alto Networks. Over the past year, we have built Security Lifecycle Reviews which summarizes the security risks that an organization faces, optimized an API endpoint to handle ~6M request a day, kickstarted a company-wide mentorship program, and most importantly, won a ping pong tournament.

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Date: Aug 19'

Skills: React, Node, Heroku, Spotify API

Tired of hearing bad words in your songs? PureMusic removes explicit songs from your playlists in just a few seconds. PureMusic does not modify any existing playlists. Instead, it creates a new playlist with non-explicit versions of the songs from your selected playlist.

Write Free

Date: Jan 20'

Skills: React, Flask, MongoDB, AWS

A simple, free to use note taking application for people affected with dyslexia! This application is designed to continually innovate, constantly adding new features and functionalities that make taking notes easier for people with dyslexia. We have aggregated simple and helpful features in an effort to make an accessible and impactful application.


Date: Oct 17'

Skills: Node, Spotify API

The problem we saw with many social gatherings is that people want to play their own music, resulting in random people taking the hosts' phone to play music. Also, everyone is too lazy to add music to a collaborative playlist. My solution takes an N number of playlists and an X amount of minutes (party duration) and selects an equal amount of minutes from each playlist to total the party duration.


Date: May 18'

Skills: HTML/CSS, Node, MongoDB

Socialite is a platform to view your messages, calendar, and newsfeed from popular social media sites into one platform. The goal is to have one area to view everything so there is less clutter in your life. Teammates include Tyrone Hou, Natalya Shelchkova.


Date: Apr 19'

Skills: React, Node, MongoDB, Spotify API, Google Maps API, Yelp API, Facebook oAuth

Tripster gives the user complete control over their roadtrip by selecting restaurants, night life, and other activities from point A to point B. Users can also link Spotify to set their playlist before a roadtrip

Mininet GUI

Date: Aug 14'

Skills: Java

Mininet GUI is an Topology exporter and importer for ON.Lab's open sourced instant virtual server hub, Mininet using JFrame. You can visually create a custom topology and import into Mininet

Arduino Rubber Ducky

Date: Aug 14'

Skills: Java

Programmable keyboard built using arduino pro micro.


Date: Apr 19'

Skills: Python, Azure, Spotify API

Spotiface uses Microsoft's Face Detection API to detect a user's facial expression. That gets computed to a score called valiance which signals if a user is happy, sad, or neutral. A song in their genre is played accordingly.


Date: Aug 17'

Skills: Swift

Halt is an iOS game designed to be a headache. The goal is to stop the timer as close to 5 seconds as possible without actually seeing the timer.